The Dead Shall Feed Soundtrack

Pixies – Gouge Away
The Hoosiers – Worried About Ray
Soul 2 Soul – Back To Life
MSP – From Despair To Where
Oasis – Cigarettes And Alcohol
Sid Vicious – C’mon Everybody
The Jam – Going Underground
Honeycrack – Sitting At Home
Pearl Jam – Alive
Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench
Lemonheads – It’s A Shame About Ray
The Neighborhoods – If I Had A Hammer
Nirvana – In Bloom
Sex Pistols – Anarchy In The UK
Soulwax – Too Many DJs
Feeder – Buck Rogers
Smashing Pumpkins – Today
Michael Jackson – Thriller
Black Crowes – Hard To Handle
Blink 182 – Dammit
The Offspring – She’s Got Issues
Feeder – Under The Weather
The Eels – Mr E’s Beautiful Blues


Remembrance Day

Remembering all those who died in war
Especially on this historic day
Means I can see the sacrifice they made
Expresses what they gave their lives up for
May everything they stand for still ring true
Because we wish it ne’er happens again
Reliving former wars it can cause pain
And sadness, yes; but that’s what we must do
No longer should the bravest of the brave
Cry havoc and be sent like dogs to war
Except to right such wrongs as done before
Defending all the freedoms heroes gave
And if you want the hate and fights to end
You must treat every neighbour as a friend