Self-publishing debut

As of today, I am a self-published author, thanks to the release of my short story duplex Aberfan and Senghenydd.

Priced at 99p, with me on the 35% royalty rate, this is unlikely to be a one-way ticket to fame and fortune. Not with a title that nobody outside Wales will be able to understand or pronounce, anyway.

But that was never the point; not this time at least. In fact, I’d vowed not to make a profit on these stories, because of the real-life human suffering involved, and had intended to make this e-book permanently free. But I didn’t do that in the end because a) I wanted to learn more about all aspects of the process, and specifically KDP Select before making more ‘professional’ releases; and b) it was my first time on the site and I couldn’t find that option.

So instead I’ll see that whatever pocket money this release makes finds its way to charity, most likely by adding it to the sponsorship tally when I run another marathon next year.

In the meantime, let’s see how this thing goes. Traditional publishing has been very much my preferred option up until now, but self-publishing might yet become a viable alternative, especially for titles which fall between genres or have less publisher-friendly word counts.

So I suppose all that’s left is for me to put in a link to the thing. Diolch yn fawr!


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